Vote Early to Ensure Texas Remains Medicine Friendly - 02/22/2018

Today is the first day you can go to the polls and do your part to preserve and further medicine's agenda in 2019 and beyond.

TMA-backed Bill Could’ve Curbed Flu Deaths - 02/22/2018

A bill last year would have strengthened infection-control programs in long-term care facilities, including requiring those facilities to make flu testing available. It died in committee.

Fort Worth: Your Telemedicine Questions Answered - 02/22/2018

TMA's new seminar will help answer your questions on Texas’ new law on telemedicine and how you can implement it in your practice.

Forney to Physicians: We’re Open for Medicine - 02/21/2018

If you’ve ever thought about opening your own practice in the Dallas area, officials in Forney are hoping you’ll look their way.

TMA Takes Physicians’ Grievances to Washington - 02/15/2018

TMA leaders and the Coalition of State Medical Societies have descended on Washington, D.C., to meet with elected officials and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services leadership.

Texas Flu Cases Decline, But Continue to be Widespread - 02/15/2018

The number of new flu cases declined slightly in early February, but state health officials say it remains to be seen whether flu has peaked this season in Texas.

What You Need to Know About the Texas MOC Law - 02/15/2018

TMA's new white paper answers many questions on a tough new law that protects physicians from being forced to undergo maintenance of certification (MOC).

All of a Sudden, One Month Less for Claims-Based MIPS Reporting - 02/14/2018

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently moved the MIPS deadline for claims reporting from March 31 to March 1.

AMA House Tackles Scope Challenges - 02/14/2018

Fueled by a historically rare consensus on major issues, the American Medical Association House of Delegates took swift action to address many of the difficulties that frustrate physicians these days.

Legionella Bacteria: How to Protect Your Patients From Infection - 02/14/2018

Another infection in the San Antonio area caused by Legionella bacteria is giving physicians renewed reason to keep Legionnaires' disease in mind. And that awareness, an infectious disease expert says, is the best thing physicians can do to diagnose it.

Last Chance: Telemedicine Seminar in El Paso Tomorrow - 02/14/2018

To help you make the most of telemedicine, the Texas Medical Association presents an in-depth seminar Feb. 15 in El Paso.

Budget Deal Includes Big Health Care Changes - 02/13/2018

Federal lawmakers passed a massive budget deal early Friday morning that will have significant impacts on physicians and health care.

It’s Go Time – Early Voting Starts Feb. 20 - 02/13/2018

By now, your voter registration card should have arrived in the mail. So let’s put it to work for the House of Medicine during the primary elections.

A Bump in the Road? Trucker Med Exam Registry Down - 02/13/2018

The online registry for physicians to become certified medical examiners for interstate commercial drivers — such as bus drivers and truckers — has been down for more than two months, an official with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) said. Physicians use that same system to upload the results of the drivers’ medical exams.

You Can Prescribe Mosquito Repellent Again to Help Curb Zika - 02/13/2018

To help curb the spread of the virus, which is transmitted through mosquito bites, mosquito repellent prescriptions will be covered through Medicaid and other state programs, including the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and the Healthy Texas Women program.

Under Attack, MOC Boards Pledge Changes - 02/12/2018

Facing a revolt among their diplomates, the boards that run maintenance of certification programs have run up a white flag.

Help Prevent Diabetes, Earn a Medicare Bonus - 02/09/2018

The 2018 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule provides new coverage for diabetes prevention services through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS’) Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP). Enrollment is now open, although Medicare payment will begin for services provided on or after April 1.

TMA Sends Almost $750,000 to Harvey-Affected Physicians - 02/09/2018

Thanks in part to the generosity of Texas physicians, TMA has provided almost $750,000 in assistance to 53 practices damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

Medicaid Seeks Physicians for EHR Program Review - 02/09/2018

In about the time it takes to watch a movie each month, you could help determine the fate of your colleagues’ appeals over Medicaid EHR Incentive Program (meaningful use) payment audits. 

Got Questions About Billing Telemedicine Visits? - 02/09/2018

If you want a deeper look at how you can implement and offer telemedicine services in your practice, check out TMA’s new half-day seminar.

Big Health Changes Tied Up in Spending Battle - 02/08/2018

As we await Federal lawmakers' final answer vote on a spending bill, here are some specifics that should survive final negotiations between the chambers.

Physicians’ Economic Impact Felt in Rural Texas and Nationwide - 02/08/2018

In Texas, physicians create more than 670,000 jobs and generate almost $118 billion in state economic activity, according to a new report.

Medicare Mammography Claims Denied? Payment Coming - 02/08/2018

Some new ICD-10 codes were inadvertently left out of a recent update of Medicare mammography and breast biopsy policies, causing claims denials. But after discussions with the Texas Medical Association, Novitas Solutions has agreed to make good on these claims in April.

Ransomware: Are Your Medical Records Safe From Attack? - 02/08/2018

Thousands of physicians lost access to patient records due to the Allscripts ransomware attack at the electronic health record (EHR) vendor’s Raleigh and Charlotte, N.C., data centers Jan. 18. This is a good time to review and update contingency plans so your practice will be prepared if patient information is not available at the point of care.

Medicare Payments Cut? Apply for a Reconsideration Now - 02/07/2018

Some Texas physicians will incur a 3-percent cut on all 2018 Medicare Fee For Service charges because the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services believes they did not participate in the meaningful use program, TMA has learned. If you believe you are being penalized erroneously, you can submit a 2018 Payment Adjustment Reconsideration Application.